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Band Members



Bernie Green
Vocals ~ Guitars
Bernie was born and raised on the streets of Philadelphia. 3rd generation Irish, he tells the stories of Saturday night "Kitchen Parties" at his grandparents. His father, aunts and uncles all playing instruments, singing, and enjoying family. At the age of 10 he referred to it as "that damn music they sing". A few years older now, his reflections of those days are with great pride, family, and the passion he's developed for that very music.
Bernie started his musical career at very young age pounding on pots and pans much to his parents dismay. But it was a great training ground before playing guitar and singing on stages throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey,and New York. "No tougher audience than your family telling you to STOP!!!"
He relocated to Southwest Florida in 1992 where the wind was put into the sails of the West of Galway ship. With the help of great friends in the band, support of our families and the fans who come out and sing with us every week, she's sailed straight ever since.


Stephen Stadler

Fiddle ~ Vocals

Stephen is a long way from his place of birth in Buffalo, New York, but is comfortably settled in sunny Southwest Florida. His virtuosity on fiddle only scratches the surface of his amazing musical talents. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bagpipes are also weapons in this eclectic artist's arsenal. Stephen's journey to West of Galway has taken him through dozens of bands, hundreds of venues, and tens of thousands of hours of practice. Through it all he still found time to complete a transatlantic crossing on a sailboat, 10years of living aboard his own 36 foot ketch, touring with a rock opera company, bluegrass, jazz, and now his true musical love, traditional Irish music.


Alan Norman Plath

Vocals ~ Concertina ~ Bones

It is true what they say; still waters run deep. Concertina player and vocalist Alan Norman Plath hails from the Windy City of Chicago. His quiet demeanor on stage is merely his way of concentrating all of his efforts on playing this most complex instrument. Alan's passion for music and instruments goes back many years. His true pride is his enormous collection of wind, percussion and stringed instruments. Mandolins, guitars, djembe, congas, bells, chimes, gongs, whistles, and flutes adorn every wall and corner of his home. Nearly twenty aboriginal didgerydos are displayed, and Alan is always willing to demonstrate them for visitors. A true afficionado of brewed malt beverages, Alan likes to find new brews to sample whenever possible


Linda Macchia-Howe

Bodhran ~ Tin Whistle

Linda Marie was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey. With grandparents from Galway and Sligo, there was always Irish music playing and Irish dancing going on at family gatherings. She became more involved in Irish heritage when her Irish gift shop put her in touch with musicians, dancers and the local Irish American Club. Offering music lessons in her shop, she's tried them all... drums, whistles, bones and bagpipes. She may someday choose a favorite.... or not.